Cofan was founded in 1994 with a commitment to provide cooling solutions for electronic and industrial applications using DC and AC voltage fans and heat sinks manufactured in Asia.

As with many small companies, the focus of the firm changed as technological advancements created new and exciting opportunities. In 2004, we realize that we can leverage our cooling expertise to build a better Printed Circuit Board (PCB). Cofan USA began providing custom-designed MCPCBs and FR-4 PCBs as well as LED packages that same year and has realized double-digit annual sales growth in the last several years.

Ranging from Fortune 500 to very small companies, our clients rely on our ability to provide quick and professional responses to engineering inquiries and production demands. With almost twenty years of experience in the cooling and PCB industries, we are confident we can provide solutions to meet the most stringent demands.

Cofan invites you, our prospective customer, to join us as we grow to the next level of success.